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Customer Portal Helpful Hints

Date Range of Data

Please be aware that this secure site will include up to 5 months of report data. Data is archived on a regular basis. If you need report data that you do not see on our secure site, the Service Center can help you find what you need. Please email us at ServiceCenter@Nelsonlabs.com with your request.

Customer Portal Tutorials

Take some time to learn about the features of the Customer Portal by watching video tutorials.


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Session Timeouts

Please be aware that for security purposes, your session at this site will expire after thirty minutes of inactivity, after which you will be required to log in again before additional requests can be processed.

Using the Back Button to Leave this Site

For security and other reasons, this site redirects your browser on arrival. Because of this, to get to a site you were at prior to arriving at this one, you may need to click on the down arrow next to your 'back' button, or click and hold down the back button, to trigger a drop-down menu showing sites you previously visited, then select the site you wish to return to.


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