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Welcome to Nelson Labs Customer Portal.


With a strong belief that every test matters, you can rest assured we know the products we test are as important as the patients they represent.



As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we will take our sterility assurance cleanroom in Salt Lake City, Utah, offline for essential periodic maintenance from 22 January 2024 through 29 January 2024.
This maintenance period is necessary to ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality testing services and to meet regulatory compliance requirements. To help mitigate delays, we ask that you please note the following:
The latest sample-receiving date for pre-shutdown testing will be 05 January 2024. Samples received on or after 06 January 2024 will be scheduled to be tested after the cleanroom restart due on 30 January 2024.
Nelson Labs alternate sites: The Nelson Labs facility in Itasca, Illinois, can accommodate testing needs during the Salt Lake City cleanroom shutdown period. Nelson Labs quality assurance has performed qualification assessments for Itasca. Please contact our sales team to coordinate this interim option.
Sterility suitability can be performed concurrently at the alternate site or, ideally, in advance for your product(s). If a method suitability is not already on file, please contact a study director for assistance at NL-DL-SterilityAssuranceSD@nelsonlabs.com or 801-290-7803. 
This shutdown may cause some delay with isolator sterility tests. This shutdown will not impact BI sterility testing.

We are excited to announce that we have made changes to our electronic sample submission form based on your suggestions!  These changes are highlighted below:


  • You can grant proxy rights to others, making it so they can complete and submit the eSSF on your behalf.

  • The eSSF will now auto-save to ensure you will not lose any data if you do not finish your form right away and a timeout occurs.

  • For Biocompatibility submissions, we have added some additional fields to ensure we process samples correctly for this specific testing.   

We do our best to listen to our customers and these updates are a result of that.  We hope these changes will make it easier for you to submit your samples.


If you do not have an account, contact the Service Center at servicecenter@nelsonlabs.com

Did You Know?

Nelson Labs can help you get ready for the new ANSI/AAMI Standard, ST98, regarding how to perform cleaning validations for healthcare products.  Read our blog post and learn more about the new ST98 standard HERE



Please be aware that this secure site will store a limited amount of report data.  Data is archived on a regular basis and it is important that you download your final reports.  If you need report data that you do not see on our secure site, the Service Center can help you find what you need.  Please email us at servicecenter@nelsonlabs.com with your request. 

Customers of U.S. Lab Locations 

At this time, the Secure Customer Portal is available for customers of the U.S. lab locations only (Salt Lake City, UT; Itasca, IL; Ontario, CA).

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Once you are logged in to your account, you can view our change control notices HERE

Customer Portal Tutorial

Please take some time to get familiar with your new customer portal. We've created a few tutorials which will help guide you through the portal features.

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